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Quality metrics

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Saubhagya Raizada
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Quality metrics

Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:12 am


I had the following queries related to Quality Metrics:

1. Does Quality Metrics help in assessing the effectiveness of Quality Management Procedures through the project and result in process improvement?

2. While Verifying a Deliverable, I assume there is no role for quality metrics to play since it does not contribute to the pass/fail of the deliverable in question since other QC procedures such as inspection etc assess the deliverable against the acceptance criteria/requirements which eventually decide whether the deliverable is verified or not?

3. Basis of my understanding in point 2 above, I assume that Quality Metrics is a generalized metrics for the Project such as no. of defects/day rather than specific quality metrics related to each Deliverable under the same project?

4. What does "Quality Control Measurement" collect? - Does it collect the actual measurement related to the requirements/acceptance criteria and also the progressive Quality Metrics of the quality system as a whole?

5. Does Control Quality process only run when it is feeded with a Deliverable or it makes frequent runs throughout the project just to ensure Quality Metrics are under control and also produce WPI's?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Quality metrics

Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:13 am

A quality metric specifically describes a project or product attribute and how the Control Quality process will
verify compliance to it. Some examples of quality metrics include percentage of tasks completed on time, cost
performance measured by CPI, failure rate, number of defects identified per day, total downtime per month, errors found per line of code, customer satisfaction scores, and percentage of requirements covered by the test plan as a measure of test coverage.
So you can have process (telling how well project is getting executed ) quality metrics and also product attribute one telling how product meeting the quality.

You can have clear rule saying if a give product quality metrics indicate, the deliverable can be rejected and you report defect for same.

Since the quality is not only limited to deliverable it also run for process , say number of tasks performed on time.

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