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Mock test 1 - Question 21

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Mock test 1 - Question 21

Mon May 02, 2022 8:14 pm

Question 21

A project manager receives the following for a new project: -assumptions -restrictions -preliminary scope After receiving this information, what should the project manager do first?
A. Review and understand the business case and project goals.
B. Put together the project team and assign project tasks
C. Build the project schedule and determine the critical path.
D. Ensure project charter approval is obtained from the sponsor.
The Correct Answer is A. The business case and project goals need to be understood first before a charter can be written. Building a team and a schedule come later in the process. PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition (2018), 1. Introduction / Project Business Case, p30-32

In the above question , keywords are new project, and assumptions, restrictions and preliminary scope, is received by the PM
In my view all the assumptions , restrictions , preliminary scope ( high level requirements) are part of project charter and hence i think the business case and project goals are alreay understood ( as a prior step )and now an approval from sponsor is required
so I chose answer D , please validate my understanding
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Re: Mock test 1 - Question 21

Tue May 03, 2022 6:50 am

Not a very clear question, since we do not know if the Project Charter is made or not, but if we read clearly we do not get much support to assume we have Project charter available so its better to assume you are in process of preparing project charter with Sponsor.

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