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What are the Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities?

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Jyoti Singh
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What are the Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities?

Tue Jan 25, 2022 9:18 am

A Product Owner is a mini CEO with complete ownership of a product and its value to the end customer.

A Product Owner's role is to maintain and prioritize product backlogs, interact with the stakeholders for feedback on a product, collaborate between the team and other stakeholders for effective on-time delivery of the product under development.

In this video, Our Agile Trainer Saket Bansal discusses the Product Owner's Roles and Responsibilities in the organizational context. Let's explore.

The Key Highlights of the Discussion are mentioned below:

  • Scrum Master Role and PO Role.
  • Types of Product Owners in Organization
  • Vision Thinking and Product Backlog
  • Collecting, Sharing, and Development Role

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