Next step after project completion.

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Next step after project completion.

Mon May 03, 2021 5:07 pm

A project manager has completed the following steps:

-Finished a major IT deployment project.
-Confirmed with the release manager that all systems are working.
-Confirmed that functionality has been verified by the quality assurance team.
-Informed the customer.

What is the next step the project manager should take?

A. Add the lessons learned to the organization knowledge base.

B. Update the risk register, stakeholders, and team members.

C. Ensure that the procurement plan is closed out.

D. Review, verify, and complete the release documentation.

Given answer is A and mine is D . The documentation should be completed first before it can be added to Lessons learned repo. Also the scenario looks like a "Close Project/ Phase " process . Am I confusing release documentation with the Final Report that is submitted to org. after project completion? Also It would be nice if you can mention how below sub process are ordered in ""Close Project/ Phase " process. I am just ordering them with my knowledge.

-Deliver Final product
- Customer acceptance of the final product.
-Release any resources for new projects.
-Create and submit final report to org.
-Add the lessons learned to the organization knowledge base

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