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Agile Estimations

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Agile Estimations

Tue May 14, 2019 6:37 am

How can we convert the story points into Hrs? who will convert? How the user gives story points to stories without knowing the technical complexity and architecture?

Can you please put a webinar session on the Agile estimations topic? The topic is a bit difficult to understand.
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Sowmya Geddada
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Re: Agile Estimations

Thu May 16, 2019 10:42 am

We don't convert story points in hours. There is no direct relationship in story points and hours. The idea of estimating in story points is to compare one user story with others to see how long this story will take in comparison to other stories.

In case we seek a direct co-relation with a story point estimation with hours, then the intent in estimating at an abstract level will be lost. In the case of correlation, the team will first convert in hours and then map them to story points, and that is not the intent.

But if the team does estimation well, these story points are normalized to hours. If you track how long every story point took and get a graph, it will show a normal distribution. Some stories may take less time and some more, but overall these are normalized to the normal distribution.

If someone wants to mark one point to some number of hours, then stop calling them points and use hours or days instead.

Please refer following videos for more details:

Let me know if you need session for more clarification, we will do it.

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