PMI ACP- Final preparation round

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PMI ACP- Final preparation round

Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:05 am

I have passed through my audit process and got the eligibility number by today only, looking forward to book my exam date most probably by next week.

So far I focused my week area and to improve i go through study notes, review lecture videos again for specific domain and very well connected on Izenbridge forum to go through all previous posts.

In addition I attempt again Exam-4 but seems it’s contain same question bank, Is there any way to test my knowledge by attempting any other new questions full length test..?

Honestly speaking I am fully depended on izenbrige study material , I didn’t try any other study material or question bank . Still lacking in confidence , need to boost..

Please guide me for the final round preparation round, tips tricks about exam attempt, do you think I should move forward to book my exam date by next week or i should delay bit more..?
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Re: PMI ACP- Final preparation round

Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:56 am

The practice test -4 is fixed and has the same questions. You may fully dependent on study material. Please attempt the test -4 according to what I suggested in our session - categorize areas where you are lacking confidence so you can go through the relevant videos and lesson notes again.

Moving from one test to another test will not help much, first, you need to fix the gaps by looking at why you are scoring less.

iZenBridge material is more than enough to crack the certificate. Follow all the suggestions I had given in the video, it will help

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