Question from PMI-ACP course content

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Question from PMI-ACP course content

Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:54 pm

1. What is Tripple Nickel?? This topic was given in the retrospective section.

2. There is a mention of PMI reference book 11 quite often during the session? Where can I get this book from and do we need to prepare from this book for PMI-ACP as we do from PMBOK for PMP?

3. What do you mean by Heuristic - rule of thumb in exploratory testing?

4. Is risk response same as mitigation plan?

5. Scope Creep is one of the core risk area, is this not contradictory to the core value of Agile of Welcoming change at any stage of development?

6. Please explain the legends given in Risk Burn Down Chart.

7. What exactly is Sinusoidal Velocity?
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Re: Question from PMI-ACP course content

Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:32 pm


1) Triple Nickel is a data gathering exercise. From the ACP standpoint it's primarily used in the "Gather Data" stage of a Retrospective. Each team is divided into 5 people, each one contributes 5 ideas and each idea is expanded 5 times. Participants initially work individually to list 5 issues that occurred in the Sprint, after they list the issues, each person passes their individual list to the person on their right who elaborates on each of the ideas on the list. This takes place 5 times, by the end of the exercise each participant has listed 5 issues and also elaborated on all the issues generated by other participants. The exercise enhances individual creativity by listing individual ideas and builds on other peoples ideas.

2.The 11 reference books are not necessary to pass the exam but they are great learning tools if you want to expand your Agile knowledge. I used Mike Griffith's book and Saket's videos, the videos really help breakdown some of the concepts really well.

5. Scope Creep - Agile says that we should "welcome changing requirements even late in Development" but it also advocates "Simplicity - the art of maximizing the work not done". In Agile, we collaborate with the Product Owner/customer to deliver what he/she wants accepting even late breaking changes. However, scope creep is adding or creating "extra features" that the customer has not asked for or does not need. According to me that is the fundamental difference between "accepting changing requirements" and 'scope creep".

Hope this is helpful :).

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Re: Question from PMI-ACP course content

Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:27 am

Thank you Sam, Preeti please post separate threads for the items which are still now closed. Mean one question in one post. Its easier to work with INVEST stories than Epics :-)
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