PMP micro learning videos Series - PMP Free Question 2: Identify Stakeholders

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PMP micro learning videos Series - PMP Free Question 2: Identify Stakeholders

Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:17 am

The video starts with the question

Which document can help you the most while identifying stakeholders the first time in the project? Select the best

A. Business Case
B. Project Charter
C. Agreements
D. Project Management Plan

Followed by possible reasons for each option.

Option A -The business case sets the reason for the existence of the project; it does have Identification of stakeholders affected.

Option B. -The project charter authorizes the existence of a project and contains Key stakeholder list.

Option C- An Agreement is a mutually binding that obligates the seller to provide the specified products, services, or results, and contains details of key person involved in it.

Option D- The project management plan describes how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled. It does contain a plan for engaging with stakeholders.

The Question is hinting that

a. You are at Initial Stage
b. You are doing Identify Stakeholder Process first time

Project Charter is the correct option

You are in early stage of identifying stakeholders; Project charter contains the high level scope of project along with the key stakeholders of the project.

The project management plan is not available when initially identifying stakeholders; however, once it has been developed, project management plan components include Stakeholder engagement plan.

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