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PMP micro learning videos Series - PMP Free Question 31: Agile Release Planning

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PMP micro learning videos Series - PMP Free Question 31: Agile Release Planning

Wed May 01, 2019 1:43 pm

You have joined a new project; this project is using an agile approach for scheduling, and you are preparing for the first Agile Release Planning meeting. Where can you find details of Release and Iteration Length? Select the BEST

A. Ask the past project manager
B. Schedule Management Plan
C. Organizational Process Assets
D. Project Charter

It is recommended that in any situation the Project Manager should do his homework before asking for help or information. In practice, you may see many project managers just doing the reverse, but that does not make it the right choice.

Organizational Process Assets (OPAs) may contain recommendations for release and iteration Time-boxed periods. But it is not necessary that all projects follow it. The team can ask for tailoring based on their own needs.
The Project Charter may also contain information related to release frequency. It is less probable that the Project Charter specify iteration length.

The schedule management plan is a component of the project management plan that establishes the criteria and the activities for developing, monitoring, and controlling the schedule. The schedule management plan establishes release and iteration length.

Watch this video for the correct answer.

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