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How much Agile knowledge or Agile expertise I need to have to give the PMP exam?

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How much Agile knowledge or Agile expertise I need to have to give the PMP exam?

Thu May 13, 2021 7:35 am

PMP exam pattern has changed from January 2021. In this new exam pattern a lot of questions from the Agile perspective come. After this change, one of the Frequently Asked Questions is - How much Agile knowledge is needed for the new PMP® Exam pattern?

I'm getting this question from the individual professionals who are working in a Non-IT environment, like construction, oil & gas, and automobile. They get worried by thinking - How much agile do I need to learn to get PMP certified?

Let's explore this particular question together -
It is true that many times Agile includes a lot of keywords which are associated with IT and you might be wondering that since I don't get these keywords, I might be in a disadvantageous position when I'm preparing for the PMP exam.

How to overcome this fear? And how to get ready for an Agile-based question coming in the PMP exam?

Here I have news for you - many of our clients from the construction and automobile industry did well not only in the new PMP exam pattern but also in the PMI-ACP exam. PMI-ACP is the pure PMI’s Agile Based program, and in PMI-ACP also they never faced difficulty of not knowing IT terminologies. Actually, you don’t have to worry about not being able to clear Agile-related questions because there are very few IT terms in the PMP Agile space.

Now, the next question is - How do I prepare and how much Agile knowledge do I need to get?
You just need to explore basic adaptive/agile life cycles fundamentals related to the project management like -
  • What is Adaptive/Agile Life cycle?
  • How is scoping done in Agile?
  • What is the leadership style in Agile?
  • How are the risks taken care of in Agile?
  • How do reports get prepared in Agile?
  • How monitoring activities are executed in Agile?
  • What are the best approaches to engage stakeholders in Agile?
Did you observe here that issues related to project management are the same irrespective of project life cycle?

Agile is suitable when your project has to respond to frequently changing situations. In this dynamic environment requirements emerge as we get to know about the product and for other project related areas. For the PMP exam we explore how these emerging requirements impact project planning and execution. So, you just need to understand if the requirement becomes so dynamic in nature -
  • How do I do costing?
  • How do I do people management?
  • How do I do risk management?
Another important point is that I don't see any comprehensive Agile book or an Agile body that covers all the project management aspects which might be relevant for a project manager as well As for the PMP exam.

For PMP, you need to know the Agile manifesto that tells Agile Values and Principles. There are some Agile frameworks which take care of some parts of project execution (but not the complete), and PMP exam uses very few terminologies from these frameworks

So what is needed for the PMP exam? My suggestion is - you really keep your focus on project management process-related issues only. You just need to know Agile Fundamentals before you start looking at PMP and agile inside the PMP.

In summary, you need a basic understanding of how risks, costs, changes are managed in Agile? .
Try to find out a way where you can learn about Agile fundamentals and if possible apply those fundamentals in projects and start seeing them in a project management context.

So my recommendation is to enroll in some program which gives a basic understanding of Agile Manifesto and how these things get managed in Agile? Doing some small certification program related to Agile might be a good idea. You might end up doing the Certified Scrum Master program which is an Agile Awareness program. So that you get a basic understanding of Agile and Scrum, and then you come into an Agile way of working into the project management space.

If you're going through the, we have a separate set of videos that make you ready for Agile knowledge before you come to the PMBOK or other project management processes. Our PMP course is a complete learning solution which is designed to pass the exam in the first attempt irrespective of your background. In our PMP classes, participants come with a different background and experience and we combine videos and live classes in such a way that you get comfortable with concepts and pass the exam in the shortest possible time.

For more details, please watch following video -

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