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which certificate is good for me - CSM, PMI-ACP or DASM - iZenBridge

List of all PMI-ACP® Resources of iZenbridge available for all PMI-ACP® Aspirants
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which certificate is good for me - CSM, PMI-ACP or DASM - iZenBridge

Fri Nov 06, 2020 12:58 pm

One of the most frequently asked questions which certificate is good for me -

Here is the brief description of these certificates -

CSM: It is one of the most demanding certificates and can be viewed as an Agile awareness certification. By attending this program you explore Scrum Framework including team roles, artifacts, events and their effective facilitation, coaching skills to the team, and what all services Scrum Master gives to the development team, product owner, and to the organization

Best suited for - Anyone who wants to start the journey of learning Agile principles and the Scrum Framework, CSM is the first step.

PMI-ACP® - The PMI-ACP® would be helpful to grow your skills for many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, and TDD. It will also help you to understand coaching teams to make them productive. PMI-ACP® certification is the perfect evidence of your real-world, hands-on experience and skills in using various agile approaches. So it is good for both project and product management. If you know the most commonly used Agile approaches, you can find out the best suitable ways to practise agility for your projects.
Best suitable for -
PMI-ACP® certification from PMI® is designed for those who are in or want to move into a leadership role and for those who have been implementing Agile Values and Principles in the day to day project work. To know more about PMI-ACP® certification - please visit - ... mystified/

DASM - Disciplined Agile Scrum Master certification explores the Disciplined Agile tool kit to find your way of working (WoW). This toolkit provides a hybrid framework based on leading agile and lean approaches like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe® so it frees you from any single agile framework and opens your options.

Best suitable for - Technically there is no pre-requisite for this certification. However, If you have a basic understanding of Lean and Agile fundamentals, it is helpful.
This is introductory training and certification for -
Agile and lean fundamentals and
The Disciplined Agile tool kit with skills to immediately apply what you have learned.

Here you can explore more by watching the following video, where Saket Bansal explained basic differences between CSM, PMI-ACP and DASM -

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