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Capacity Vs Velocity Based Sprint Planning Meeting : iZenBridge

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Capacity Vs Velocity Based Sprint Planning Meeting : iZenBridge

Fri Nov 06, 2020 1:47 pm

There are two ways to plan a Sprint -
Capacity Based Sprint Planning - It is based on team available capacity which is based on the number of team members and for how many days or hours they are available.

In general, the team follows the following process during the Sprint Planning meeting when they choose capacity-based planning -

Based on the priority the team pick product backlog items one by one and see if they have the capacity to complete during the Sprint. If the team agrees they can deliver it, they commit to it and select another item and repeat the process.

Velocity Based Sprint Planning - Velocity based Sprint planning is based on the historical data of the team. Team analyze the amount of work they can do in a coming sprint based on the what they’ve done in prior sprints.

Now the question is when to use Capacity based planning and when to use velocity based planning -
When the team does not has prior data to understand how much they can deliver in a Sprint, then capacity-based planning is the best approach. But as work progresses sprint by sprint, they get to know that there is significant variability in the work - they have some interruptions and wait time which they could not predict. Here team see what average amount of work they are actually able to deliver, and this is the team velocity. And now they can start with velocity-based planning.

In summary, a team, in general, starts with a capacity-based Sprint Planning meeting and gradually moves to the velocity based planning.

For more details, please watch the following video -

The video covers the discussion about the Capacity and Velocity Based Planning

In this video, Lead Agile Trainer Saket Bansal is discussing the various aspects of Capacity and Velocity Based Planning with Agile Professional

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