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Agile Coach Interview Questions : iZenBridge

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Agile Coach Interview Questions : iZenBridge

Tue Dec 08, 2020 1:55 pm

Watch the conversation where Agile Trainer Saket Bansal is sharing his answers for the following Agile Coaching interview questions.
• Difference between Group coaching and individual coaching
• Stakeholders begin to resist Adoption after initial obstacles, what is the best approach to deal with the situation?
• What should an agile coach do when there are conflicts in the group?
• How to coach the underperforming Team?
• How to coach a not fully formed?
• How to coach amateur?
• Management wants to evaluate individual performance on an on-going basis; they are thinking to track story point completion by each developer in a sprint? What would be the Agile Coach approach?
• How do you help the team who is not able to deliver a quality product?
• What is the best approach to coach a product owner?
• When a team has internal subgroups, how do make them work together in the team instead of subgroups?
• What are the tools and instruments for transformation?

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