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Can I still use PMBOK6 for new PMP Exam pattern?

Posted: Thu May 13, 2021 12:54 pm
by seema.sonkiya
How good is the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition for the new PMP exam pattern? Many of you might be hearing that the new PMP exam is different and as the people were using PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition for the old exam pattern, so now it may not hold much value.

Let’s explore how much PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition is needed for the new exam pattern?

The fact is that the PMP exam was never based on the PMBOK Guide. It was based on the exam content outline and it will remain based on the new exam content outline. If we map the new exam content outline with the previous one, around 80% of the tasks are still more or less the same, and the previous exam content outline was well covered in PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition.

For the new exam pattern, I believe still 80% of the content can be covered using PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition. . In this new exam pattern a lot of questions from the Agile perspective come. And, the Agile way of working in project processes is well covered in PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition. Like when you go to each and every knowledge area you end up reading about the techniques which might get applied in agile ways of working. These were well documented in PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition. In the old exam pattern these concepts might not be tested well, but the knowledge is already there and you can use the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition for that particular use.

Now let's talk about the domain's introduced in new PMP exam pattern -
  • People
  • Process and
  • Business environment.
Process domain is well covered in PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition. When it comes to the people domain, many of you may see that the people domain is relatively new. But the stakeholders management and resource management knowledge areas are covering a good amount of people's domain topics as well. Yes, it is true that the approx 20% People domain topics you will not find in PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition.

PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition is also accompanied by an Agile Practice Guide. So, someone who is preparing for the agile way of working in projects after having a basic understanding of agile may want to check out the Agile Practice Guide that covers the agile aspect of project management. But one has to go beyond this PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition and Agile Practice Guide to understand some people-related issues like -
  • How do you handle conflict?
  • How do you develop people?
  • How do you influence people?
  • How do you manage stakeholders?
  • How do you negotiate? How do you train?
This part is not 100% covered in the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition space one has to explore beyond these two guides.

The next Business Environment area is definitely not covered in these 2 books. For this domain you need to explore topics related to Governance, Compliances, Need Identification, Benefit Realizations, You need to find some additional learning material for these particular areas.

You might be hearing the PMBOK Guide – Seventh Edition is coming and hopefully, this guide will fill these gaps but it may take a few more months before the PMBOK Guide – Seventh Edition comes for us to get assistance in our PMP exam. But till that time I believe you should use the PMBOK Guide – Seventh Edition for preparing for your exam.

If you're going through the, we have a complete set of videos to cover these topics and our Live classes cover a lot of case studies to understand these concepts well.

For more details, please watch following video -

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