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Open Hour with iZenBridge #17 - Which Certification is Right for Me??

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Jyoti Singh
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Open Hour with iZenBridge #17 - Which Certification is Right for Me??

Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:10 am

iZenBridge Open hour events support professionals in resolving their queries and doubts related to the programs we offer. In this open hour with Kumkum Sharma, our expert trainer Saket Bansal and Sekhar Burra discuss the queries centering more on which Certification is Right for you?. Following questions were discussed –

Question on Which Certification is Right for you?

1. Which Certification is Popular these days?
2. CSM or PSM
3. What kind of skills are required for a good ScrumMaster?
4. How to pass CSM Examination?
5. Difference between CSM and SAFe?
6. How to bring more acceptance to be agile in a project which is working on Waterfall?
7. How to Convince an org to use agile? How to make people use Agile?
8. Being a Scrum Master how to move from DevelopmentTeam to Support Team?
9. What are the Certification required for Agile Project Management or Programme Management?
10. Which is the first step to start agile training?
11. Can we directly go for Scaled Agile Certifications?
12. Which is the best Certification in Scaled Agile after CSM?
13. Which Certification to do after SAFe Certification?
14. What is the ROI of doing SPC in India?
15. ProjectManagement Certification in Civil Engg Industry.
16. Sekhar View on doing SPC.
17. iZenBridge Practical Training of CSM.
18. Scaled Agile Training video. (i Button Link)
19. What kind of mindset are you required to run an Agile Organisation?
20. How to take a Fixed Mindset to an Agile Mindset?
21. Know about CAL-E?
22. Is SAFe Scrum Master better than CSM?
23. Does Scrum Master need Technical Experience?

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