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How to show the benefits of Agile Transformation to the Portfolio Manager

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Jyoti Singh
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How to show the benefits of Agile Transformation to the Portfolio Manager

Tue May 31, 2022 2:35 pm

We have seen professionals who say that even after a year of implementing agile in an organization, their portfolio manager doesn't find any difference concerning a waterfall methodology.

So What could be the reason? Suppose you also have experienced the same and wondered. What could be the reason for failure? or want to move your organization towards an agile way of working successfully. In that case, this video is for you!!

According to our expert trainer, Mr Saket Bansal, we should know that when we follow agile, we should focus on

  • What is our goal?
  • Which part of the goal is getting achieved?
  • Which part of the goal is not getting achieved?
  • Are we making the right decisions?
  • Are we able to remove the wastage of resources?

In this video, you will also get to know:

  • What is the meaning of implementing agile?
  • What is the predictive life cycle?
  • Why shouldn't we follow agile rather than focus on the predictive life cycleway of working?

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