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Difference Between Requirement Management Plan and Scope Management Plan?

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Difference Between Requirement Management Plan and Scope Management Plan?

Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:20 am

Got following Question:
Hi Saket

I have one query, is Requirements management plan is being specifically prepared and managed by Business Analyst all through the project? Is the requirement management plan and scope management plan same? As project is being managed by project manager(including tracking and delivery of requirements/deliverables), how the business analyst contribute to managing the requirements?

First, let’s discuss how Requirement Management Plan is different from the Scope Management Plan?

Scope Vs Requirements:
If I talk about a Job Site, the scope of work would be clear identifications of work required to complete the Job Site successfully. The scope of work for a Job Site could be:
• Job Posting
• Search
• Job Seeker and Job Employer Login
• Job Apply
To visualize a solution, above broad features has to be there.

You can see the Scope is like a box where all requirements have to fit. After the agreement of scope, all the requirements are discovered within the scope boundary. Requirements are the granular compared to the scope. For above scope, if I talk about search, for the Requirements you have to discover what all you need for the search feature? There could be a requirement to search by location or search by keyword.

Scope Management Plan Vs Requirement Management Plan
This scope boundary is defined with the help of Scope Management Plan and within the scope, whatever requirements have discovered are managed with the of Requirement Management Plan.

The Scope Management Plan answers following questions:
• Which all stakeholders you need to involve to know the stakeholders of the project?
• How will the WBS be developed and approved?
• How will the WBS be maintained?
• How will the formal acceptance be taken for the finished scope?
• How will the changes to the scope be managed?
Requirement Management Plan answers following questions:
• How are we going to discover requirements for the scope agreed?
• How will we prioritize requirements?
• What will be the process to change these requirements?
• How can we ensure that requirements are developed correctly?

How Bushiness Analyst Contribute in the Requirement Management Plan:

Requirement Management Plan includes planning for both project and product requirements.
Here you can see the difference between project and product requirements: ... ect-scope/

RMP includes planning decisions both for Project and Product requirements. As business analysis focus on product requirements, business analysis plan refer all information that is related to business analysis or product analysis planning decisions.

Business Analysis Plan is actually a work plan and integrated into overall project management plan. All requirement related plans are integrated in RMP. RMP is one of the subsidiary plans of overall project management plan.

Now come to the question – “Who prepares them”

Project Management team mainly focus on project requirement related planning decisions and business analysis team mainly focus on product requirement planning decisions. However, these two activities cannot be viewed completely independent. There is significant overlap between these two activities and project manager and business analyst collaborate with each other in the development of requirement management plan.

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