PMP certified :) - time for LL

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PMP certified :) - time for LL

Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:30 pm

I would like to share that I got certified yesterday :D and I will close this project with my Lessons Learnt. I'll resume with Operations of helping with queries.

My first advise for those waiting to give the exam and trying every mock test online - JUST GIVE THE EXAM!!!

For various reasons I had to delay my exam pretty long and as a result I went through a lot of material. I would like to give a feedback on how they rank. BUT when you sit for the exam you realize it was NOT what you dread. It is a very simple exam. The questions are pretty logical. A lot of mock tests have ambiguous answers and tough scenarios. But PMP actual exam questions can be answered with common sense and logic. The question makes the choices obvious by mentioning the process group or the alternate choices are an obvious exclusion. So concentrate on knowing the PMBOK and learning to apply common sense based on how the different aspects work together.

I recently asked about last days' preparation on this forum. Unfortunately / fortunately the day before the exam I took 2 full mock tests and both somehow got canceled & exited before the result screen. So I had no idea of my result & it did make me less worried.
Time was not an issue for me as I read a lot. I finished the exam much before time and anyone can fit in 4 hours. They sound long & I was worried about water & hunger. But you are too focused to care. When the exam starts it is a comfortable environment, just be prepared with your basics that I'll list out below.

A personal opinion of my study sources & their pros/cons:

It's a Bible/Gita/Quran ... you may find it boring but you'll feel more in tune if you manage to at least skim through it or you will feel a bit fake.
2) Rita Mulcahy
Enough has been said about her ... much more interesting to study through and the questions are a great help. I suggest picking it up in the early start of your preparation and letting it go at the end.
3) Kim Heldman
Another good book. I picked it up very late and didn't read it fully. But a helpful ques. bank. The best part is the notes section. I had great trouble remembering all the HR theories & Charts at times. This book had them clubbed. So I just bookmarked those pages and referenced it which made me learn them very quick.
4) Head First
Since I started with Rita I never liked this one. But the 200 ques are very helpful.
5) Christopher Scordo
Start with this as soon as you have gone through the books. Great way to assess your progress.

Websites :
Good site with notes & free ques bank.
Has a lot of outdated content so check what you read - but a large user base so you can expect to find a lot of small queries you have even about approach or experience
Highly recommended! Great notes & quick reference guide for formulas / TT / theories / charts etc.
Beware : the guy makes you feel nervous & sets a high benchmark for your preparation. Just take the notes & trust your own benchmark.
Really good ques bank & resources
I really enjoyed this site. If you subscribe to their newsletter - you also get 15 ques almost every day which are actually good.
Take his exam in stage 3 of preparation. Much tougher. But also good ref. on other resources on the www. &
Another resource for free ques bank in their trail period.
Need I say? All things are covered - most difficult topics are explained extensively. A very comprehensive source and managed by a very involved active team. Full package.

Besides all this - I also tried some apps & some were very good. I am using an Android phone so I will review Android apps. Apps are great when you are travelling or waiting somewhere. I tried many & most aren't good or out-dated or crash too much.

Hyper PMP ( ... b.hyperpmp)
Really good - nice knowledge base & quick ref of KA / process / ITTO/ formulas & information flow
PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann
Good ques bank
PMP Exam Prep ( ... .jquiz.pmp)
Useful - with an option to compare score with other users
PMPocket PMP® Exam PMBOK® Ref
Neat app. Just basic KA / process & ITTO - great ref
PMP Glossary Free
Really good for quick ref like PMP dictionary. They also have a PMP ITTO app that is good.

My aim of listing all this is NOT to recommend using all this. The idea is take what is best from a source - see what meets your needs better & give the exam when your basics are clear instead of relying on mock test scores.
If sitting for 4 hours is an issue & you have been away from academics since long - just meditate. It's a faster way to concentrate.

Few weeks before the exam try building the full KA/process map - after few attempts you should be able to make it without mistakes.
Try mnemonics for KA - I Saw Two Cats Having Coffee Quietly Reading Paper in the Sun
Then use checksum for I-P-E-MC-C : 2-24-8-11-2 so you know if you have missed a process & where.

For the formulas - try and learn the meaning instead of memorizing. Once you understand them - you won't forget them for sure.
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Re: PMP certified :) - time for LL

Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:40 pm

Many more congratulation Neha!!!. :)

Its really a good lesson learned. I think you have gone through every source available in open source and spell out properly that will help the test taker. 8-)
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Re: PMP certified :) - time for LL

Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:08 am

Congratulations to you !!!
Regards ,

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Re: PMP certified :) - time for LL

Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:37 am

Congratulation !!
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Re: PMP certified :) - time for LL

Sun Nov 02, 2014 4:00 pm

Congrats on passing PMP.

For new aspirants - I will suggest don't get lost among too much information here. You don't have to go through all resources - I think couple of books like PMBOK/ Rita is more than enough.

I could not agree anymore with OP's advice : JUST GIVE THE EXAM!!!
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