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Finally I Achieved PMP Certification

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Finally I Achieved PMP Certification

Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:02 am

Just Passed PMP Certification on 23 April 2019,
Detailed Lessons Learned will update soon.

Overall difficulty level not so high, compare to iZen Bridge mock test 2.

But questions are tricky.
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Re: Finally I Achieved PMP Certification

Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:39 am

Congratulations Anand, your hard work paid off :-)
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Re: Finally I Achieved PMP Certification

Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:34 pm

Dear all,
Regret for my delayed experience sharing process.

I cleared PMP Exam on 23rd April 2019, with below score
Initiation – AT, Planning – AT, Execution – T, M&C – T, Closing – AT.

Major lesson learned is, study required proper planning, dedication, developing stamina for physical, mental level and need to balance our body-mind energy.

For every step, I followed iZenbridge Path, that is
Know, Master and Practice.
I created plan (as usual, which never worked as you planned) however tried to follow and kept on improving.

As per plan, I went through the chapter videos, read the particular PMBOK chapter. Saket Sir has explained all the concepts thoroughly in very easy language with to the point examples. While watching the videos I prepared my notes on ITTO’s individual sheet with examples with the help of my previous projects. This worked for me as Mindmap sheets.

I always discussed a lot with Manish sir, for every issue and followed sir’s suggestions and instructions. Basically in overall guidance sir’s most important one is "Create mindmap for each process and for overall integration".
Further, I created notes almost for all ITTO’s specially Tools, with 6W2H technique.
I always remember Saket Sir suggestions, that is
“Don't memorize, understand and purpose of process, and keep in mind important two or three main key ITTO in each process”

I started developing 6W2H's for each ITTO's and Integration linking and tried to use previous projects example to each process. Example as below,
1. What is this Input / T&T / Output / knowledge area/ process? what is the purpose?
2. Why this particular ITTO required?
3. Who uses this?
4. Whom required this? (which stakeholders)
5. When to use? (At which phases)
6. Where to use? (Situations)
7. How you process it? input to output process? how you conclude expected deliverables?
8. How much (what kind of consideration you put in to it?)
After above study, I attempted respective chapter iZenbridge assessment test. Score around 72% to 78% average for the first attempt.

In above journey, I realized little gap or break in study, make your preparation again back to zero, so started revision daily or alternate daily, though it’s only 1 hr or 1.5hr.

Mock Tests
I gone thru previous certified candidates choices for free and paid mock exam. Stated with paid Christopher Scordo’s small test and in few days got 90% in full 4 hr mock test. I realized PMTraining test quite easy, so instead of getting overconfident need to test our score on other paid test. I headed towards iZen Bridge Mock Test test 2 and 3 (not Mock Test 1) within first 50-60 questions, realized we need to prepare more, not only PMBOK 6th syllabus but on my English language understanding and vocabulary. Further I tried to understand the question patterns and English language tricks etc. (e.g. synonymous words to ITTO’s, process etc). Started proper understanding of PMBOK Glossary it’s definition, applications and usage. Not attempted iZenbridge mock test 1 due to not having enough time before exam.

To avoid this confusion, I took decision that instead of over study due to izen bridge mock test low score, it’s better lets test our score on other paid and free mock test. I started research online again, and come across other success stories which mostly from Prothoughts. I enrolled to Prothoughts Mock test. So my overall paid and free mock test score before 1 week of actual exam was as below,

Full 4hr Mock Test Score
Christopher Scordo (Paid) – 90%
Prothoughts (Paid) – 84%
Simplilearn (Free) – 79%
Oliver Lehman (free) – 71%

Short Test – 30 to 50 questions
izen bridge KA Test (not Full mock test) – 75%
Rita Chapter End Test – 78%
Various mobile app 30 questions test and other – 85%-90%

Since in above 4 mock test my score was quite good, I got confidence to attempt final PMP Exam. In overall 3-4 months preparation, solved close to 2500 questions before exam with analyzing both correct & wrong answers.

One month before exam, I kept regular routine of proper diet and 30 minute yoga-kriya session. For me and in my opinion PMP exam is not just about PMBOK 6th, it’s also about developing the Body-Mind-Energy stamina. From my earlier experience of mock test, I realized, morning 8 am exam time is good for best performance of body-mind-energy. (At least it’s worked for me).

The day before exam
No PMBOK reading before exam. I just revised my MindMap’s, notes & formulas. I had reduced my regular water intake. Got early dinner & went to sleep early. Ideally you suppose to have good sleep before exam day, stay calm & relaxed.

I was little calm at the same time little nervous, but tried to keep balance with deep breathing and relaxing techniques. The exam questions were not too lengthy (3-4 lines). But they were tricky and require good practice, understanding of PMBOK knowledge and concepts. You can easily eliminate 2 options but very tricky to decide correct one.
Frequently saw two options of “Update to issue log” and “Update to risk register”, luckily I studied a lot on Issue log, Change log, Change request, Risk Register and it’s flow process which helped me a lot to solve the question.
I am able to solve the exam in 3 hr 50 min, and last 10 min for review.

For aspiring candidates, in my opinion, I would like to suggest try to put yourself in next exam preparation challenge on priority. Exam preparation will routinely improve on it’s own, while you analyzing the gaps in study and weak areas while attempting the mock test.

Success Guidance and support
I would like to thank you Saket Sir, especially Manish Sir and Seema Mam, who analyzed my weak areas and guided and instructed on every issues. Also Jyoti Mam and supporting staff for swift support on doubts, questions.
I would like to thanks all stakeholders (My Family, partners and mentors etc) who kept their support and well wishes to complete my PMP journey successfully.

Thanks you dear all.

Anand. :D
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Re: Finally I Achieved PMP Certification

Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:39 am

Thanks for sharing such a insightful story, I am sure it would be helpful to future aspirants!!

Congratulations once again :-)
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Re: Finally I Achieved PMP Certification

Mon Jul 29, 2019 3:43 am

Hi Anand!
Congratulations. I appreciate the mind-body-spirit - its the same philosophy my husband has. I've been trying to go to the gym for at least 15-30 min. so I don't get stressed.

Do you by any chance remember questions from your exam? I always wondered if PMP released their past exam questions.

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