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Seeba Success Story

Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:44 am

PMP - Success Story

I didn’t have the patience to read the PMBOK front-to-end. Like someone else stated, the material is very dense and not the book you will pick up in the evening time to read before retiring. Rather in actual practice, whenever I got a question wrong during my practicing sessions, I would refer back to a certain section in the PMBOK and mark it as read either "once, twice, or thrice" relative to how many times I had referred back to the PMBOK. (latter is based on the tip to read the PMBOK thrice provided by several online). I felt like this method actually was more effective, because it let me analyze the material in practical scenarios which wouldn’t have come to me even if I actively read the material.

1) Integration iZenBridge Videos 
2) Quality iZenBridge Videos 
3) Procurement iZenBridge Videos
4) Resource iZenBridge Videos 
5) Schedule iZenBridge Videos
6)Sparingly watched the rest - I wish I had more of the bandwidth, but I skimmed through all videos at least once.

1) Crowe Scope Subject Test 2x- 96%
2) Scope iZenBridge Subject Test 2x - 92%
3) EVC formulas - 90%
4) Crowe resource subject test - 86%
5) engineer4free network diagram questions
6) Crowe communication subject test - 72%
7) iZenBridge Communication subject test - 72%
8) Crowe Risk Subject Test - 84%
9) iZenBridge Procurement Subject Test (50) - 76%
10) Scordo Scope Subject Test 1x - 90%
11) Crowe Integration Subject Test 3x- 76%
12) Integration iZenBridge Subject Test 3x - 92%
13) Video chat with Saket one month before test 
14) Crowe Schedule Subject Test 2x - 80%
15) Risk Register ITTO Trace (I posted it on this forum. Please do your due diligence and search for it if interested.)
16)Crowe Cost Subject Test - 68%
17) Crowe Quality Subject Test - 80%
18) Crowe Procurement Subject Test - 76%
19) Rita Project Framework Subject Test - 87.5%
20) iZenbridge Introduction Subject Test - 70%
21) iZenBridge Environment Subject Test - 65%
22) iZenBridge Role of Project Manager Subject Test - 60%
23) iZenBridge Resource Subject
Test 2x- 70%
24) Rita Resource Subject Test 2x - 68.7%
25) iZenBridge Quality Subject Test - 88%
26) Crowe Quality Subject Test - 77%
27) iZenBridge Risk Subject Test - 86%
28) Rita Risk Subject Test - 68.4%
29) Rita Scope Subject Test 3x - 87%
30) Velociteach Resource Test (13) - 62%
31) Velociteach Quality Test (6) - 100%
32) Velociteach Risk Test (10) -90%
33) Velociteach Scope Test (8)
- 88%
34) Scordo Resource Subject Test - 92%
35) Scordo Quality Subject Test - 92%
36) Scordo Risk Subject Test - 92%
37) Velociteach Integration Subject Test - 88%
38) Scordo Integration Subject Test 3x -
39) Rita Integration Subject Test 3x - 66%
40) Rita Schedule Subject Test 2x- 86%
41) Scordo Schedule Subject Test 2x - 86%
42) Velociteach Schedule Subject Test - 57%
43) Rita Stakeholder Subject Test - 75%
44) Scordo Stakeholder Subject Test - 83%
45) Rita Cost Subject Test 2x - 76%
46) Rita Communication Subject Test - 56%
47) Scordo Communication Subject Test - 88%
48) Rita Procurement Subject Test - 75%
49) Rita Project Management Processes Subject Test - 88%
50) Rita Professional & Social Responsibility Subject Test - 66%
51) Crowe Stakeholdet Subject Test -  60%
52) iZenBridge Schedule Subject Test - 2x

Review - Wrong Answer (I went over the wrong answers to understand the logic behind the reasoning).
1) Rita Integration Subject Test 2x
2) Scordo Integration Subject Test 2x
3) Crowe Integration Subject Test 2x
4) Velociteach Integration Subject Test 2x
5) Velociteach Scope Subject Test 2x
6) Scordo Scope Subject Test 2x
7) Rita Scope Subject Test 2x
8) iZenBridge Scope Subject Test 2x
9) iZenBridge Schedule Subject Test 2x

Memorization (main inputs and outputs, what each process does, components of plans)
-I tried to come up with simulated process maps of what a PM would face if he had to approach a certain scenario with a different angle based on circumstances. I didn’t memorize it enough for me to remember it like the back of my hand though.
-I did however memorize some main inputs, main tools, and main outputs of processes and also the components of each plan. Also, repeating questions were also helpful (once again I'm reminding aspirants as you already know that no test bank exists). THIS IS THE ONLY MEMORIZATION YOU NEED IF YOUR INCLINATION IS TO “MEMORIZE”. THERE IS NO NEED TO MEMORIZE ALL THE ITTOS. Memorization can be a great tool for studying, but ensure you are using this technique correctly - it will take some observation/trial and error. Learn what each plan or document is made up of and it can help you reconfirm your answers if you start doubting your educated guesses during the exam.

1) izenbridge mock test 1 - 79% (second try)
2) izenbridge mock test 2 - 70% (second try)
3) izenbridge mock test 3
4) pmp exam:
5) scordo exam #1 - 72%
6) scordo exam #2 - 83%
7) scordo exam #3 - 81.5%
8) izenbridge pmp microlearnimg videos    (36)- 55%
9) scordo exam #4 - 89%
10) scordo exam #5 - 88%
10) crowe exam - 69.5% 
11) Rita exam (second try) - 88% on 211 questions attempted, 3 hours and 4 min. spent on 200 questions

* Write down question number of doubt and key word (I scribbled while attempting the test.)

Follow this when approaching test questions:
Aggregate the following when you go back to read the paragraph after reading the last sentence of the paragraph and the multiple-choice answers (as per video):
1) which phase
-initiating: propose, strategy for implementing,
2) which knowledge area 
3) accept
4) research/analyze, document/share
5) act
6) have an why/why not response for each answer:

Tips: (I did not memorize this.)
-escalate to sponsor is rare
-don’t repeat action that didn’t produce results 
-when have a quality question, think about plan do check act. 
-think all questions are following predictive lifecycle until explicitly stated
- if a question about procurement assume its centralized procurement department 
- unless specifically stated, all documents have to go through change request 
-no work can be started without project charter being signed off 
-if it’s new person, you would try to have meeting over referring to documentation. If it’s a fact, you first first refer to documentation and then have meeting. If you joined you would first read documentation and then meet. 
-skip to action= if contract says payment will come after 6 months of accepting deliverables, you just skip to the action of closing project 
-an example of accept is the issue of scope baseline taking long time but the risk has to be identified that it will delay the project 
-if it’s an opa you request for tailoring 
-you don’t have to wait for develop schedule to create schedule 
-gold plating is hated even if it makes the customer satisfied 

Data Dump
I followed Saket’s advice and did not data dump! No questions really came up that I needed to rely on the processes table or the formulas (to the point that it wasn’t already easy to remember). Once again, I emphasize on repeating questions to formulate your mental processing.

-I put "study-inspiration" videos on my tv (muted) to motivate me to continue studying. After some while, this didn't really help :lol: .
-I tried to study on my dining table, but if my husband wanted to watch tv, I would go to our room to study. (It's what he did when he was studying for his exams, so I thought it was only the least I would do to return the favor :arrow: ). I would make sure our room was tidy, so I can study in zen. Towards the end though reality set in and it wasn't just as easy to continue my mundane routine. I had to push myself and continue utilizing different methods to continuing motivating me to review this dense material. I tried to convince a friend to study with me and she decided she did not want to take the PMP, so I defaulted to posting comments on youtube hoping someone would respond to my call :? ).
-I took my notes on my iPhone so I could carry it everywhere with me and study on the way. I had a note for the Types of Processes and Management Plans and Lessons Learned from the mock test questions I got wrong. 
I wanted to build my focus so I made sure to read questions carefully to avoid making silly mistakes and critically analyze using the test strategy above
-I also wanted to build my endurance, but when I actually took the test I realized that it was already ingrained in me to do heads-down work for 4 hours straight.
-The downside was that my appetite became less in this time or other days I was not watching my diet as carefully.

-I tried to remain calm in the morning by drinking my energy drink to make up for the lack of sleep
-my mother actually came to town two nights and helped me with any chores and packing for some official trips. Thank you to my mother for stepping in herself at the last minute. She is the angel in my life.
-I was very nervous and my husband stayed strong and did not crack just so I would stay strong.
-I have sleeping issues anyways. I had 5 hours both of the 2 nights before the test. We slept on the floor the night before just so I could get at least some sleep into me.
-When I entered the exam, 30 minutes in, I took a break for ~1-2 minutes. I took my second break after 3 hours. By the 3rd hour I had attempted all the answers. I took my second break for ~1-2 minutes. I had around 87 questions I had marked - once I went through them I realized how subjective they were and started panicking if I had utilized too much common sense for the questions I hadn’t marked. I went back twice during this time to check my unmarked questions to just confirm that I indeed had done these kinds of questions before to answer correctly.

Final Results
-So the font on the final results screen was small. I saw a "congratulations" and was complacent. I started a survey and started to wonder if I went through the previous slide quickly and rather the slide was just congratulating me for completing the test period. After I end the survey, I was hoping for an “actual” final results page with big fonts and confetti falling out of the screen but it just defaulted to the administrative login screen. I looked back and the proctor lady indicated to me that she would come to me. She escorted me out and I inquired if I had actually passed. She said she wasn’t sure but she heard the printer and said to go to the other administrator to grab it. It was like walking on needles - Upon approaching the front desk, the second administrator asked me for my ID and immediately after grabbed my paper, looked at the result himself, and passed it to me.
-I walked out just to see my mom standing there! I didn’t expect my mother to be there - let alone for her adult child. I admitted that “I passed”. She started crying. I was like mother “it’s just a test - I’m not queen of the world yet”. She’s like “no you make me so proud. why aren’t you excited”. Well, like I said before I think the focus was ingrained in me from years before, so I wasn't too excited I passed but rather I wanted to know what I did wrong. I had "Above Target" on 3 out of 5 and for the remaining I was not getting the questions wrong - at least for one of the knowledge areas. Most likely, I didn’t run through similar scenarios despite the multitude of mock questions that exists (PMI doesn’t release a bank of old test questions.)
-I emailed Saket about the results about my disappointment and he confirmed that I should accept that I passed and also realize that I did not have to think exactly like the PMI to run successful projects.
-Update: I got my exam analysis today at PMI my performance as Above Target!

My Takeaway
-I feel relieved. It is a rewarding experience especially if you had been a scholar at one point of life and needed the mental reinvigoration of scholarly study after working in the industry for quite some time. I’ve learned some jargon that I may use to sound intelligent, but this was really an exercise to apply my critical thinking skills (which really develop in the practicing period of a test aspirant instead of the proctoring period).
-If you want to pass and are like me, you have to keep revisiting the material for two months straight like it is your bible - this is because reputation is key. it helps your brain retain the information which retains longer than just memorizing once (reviewing the material with different perspectives and similar types of questions enforces memorization pre-consciously for the actual test. I read an article that said that after taking a strenuous/standardized test, you only retain 20%. A motivating factor is that at least your vernacular will be more sophisticated to battle those whose only weapon is to spew a long monologue of nonsense and not actually perform effectively (long story of annoying stakeholders).
-However, with whatever I gained about real life, I still heartily believe that a test score does not replace true talent. Passing a test can reconfirm your self-confidence but at the same time don’t hide behind it - in real life, develop those interpersonal skills, learn diplomacy, but still maintain your self-confidence. Learn you are someone who can give something valuable in the world (no matter what you think you are) and your missions is to leave your mark even beyond these certifications.

**Be Discretionary. I’m not Saket/Jyoti/Seema/Manish, but please take my post as a student testimonial at the very least**
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:59 am

Congratulations Seeba, well deserved success
Manish P
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:05 am

Thank you, Manish, for tirelessly answering my questions!
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:02 pm

Congratulations Seeba, your hard work paid off :-)
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:27 pm

Thank you, Seema, for your help in this process!
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:18 pm

Can you please share your experience during exam? The question quality. I've my exam in 2 weeks, and am worried, as I am doing fair in mock exams, except ones on iZenBridge.
Were all questions on exams are equally lengthy? Please suggest, as it will help.
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:56 am

Hello Purav - believe we discussed. Good luck on your exam.
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Re: Seeba Success Story

Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:45 am

Heartiest congratulations!! on your well-deserved success Sheeba :)
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