Another PMP Success Story..... 26 Dec 2017

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Another PMP Success Story..... 26 Dec 2017

Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:20 pm

Hi All,

I take this opportunity to thank iZenBridge towards my journey to PMP Certification.
I passed my PMP Exam on 26 Dec 2017 (Prometric center Trivandrum).
It was not a easy path, I did dragged a lot (around 1 year) but happy that it was a HAPPY Ending. Lucky enough to get cleared in 1st attempt.

What i did –
I am an average student so seeing big big writings about PMP - Success stories, lengthy studies, reading lots of book, trying out many mock tests – I came to a conclusion that their is not limit to what you can study/read/attempt. One thing that motivated me a lot was the below like video:

I had planned that I should also write a success story. Believe me I planned to write "How to fail PMP" if i had not cleared my exam on 26 Dec 2017.

I planned for PMP training in Dec 2016 and registered with Simplilearn and got 35 PDU's. Once I received the PDU certificate i registered with PMI. Luckily there was no application verification and i received my eligibility ID from PMI. Immediately I registered for examination and got schedule for 16 Aug 2017 at Dubai location. This is when I actually started planning preparation for my Test / Certification.

Stage 1 : I revised all the Videos of SimpliLearn and went through each and every line in PMP Book. Along with this i started preparing my last minute reference notes in Evernote application.

In Apr 2017 I resigned from my job at Dubai and had to move to Azerbaijan. I had no option but to postpone my test date to 07 Sep 2017.

This is when one of my friend suggested to do the training part with iZenBridge. I had one month of thinking and then registered with iZenBridge for training from Jun 2017 to Sep 2017.

Stage 2 : Completed all the videos offered by iZenBridge and at the same time i completed end of unit test (30 Q's). i.e. Unit 1 – Video, followed by PMP Book reading and then Unit 1 test. I did the same for all the units of PMP.

Stage 3 : Once the above was completed, I read PMP book unit one by one and again did end of unit test provided by iZenBridge.

By now it was confirmed that i will be moving back to India by end of Sep 2017. It became very clear that i have to postpone my test. Now I changed to 22 Nov 2017 assuming that i will get sufficient time at home to do the preparation.

By Sep 2017 I read PMP Book 4 Time, Simplilearn video 1 Time, iZenBridge video 1 Time. Along with it i did end of unit 30 Q's 2 Times. I attempted 200 Q's test once in August 2017. But after completing 71 Q's I lost connection and had to closed the test. I scored 32 out of 71 Q's i attempted. I was Happy considering my preparation which was going at a snail space.

By 30 Sep 2017 My iZenBridge training period of 120 days was completed. I decided to extend it for another 120 days only for the mock test.

After extending the course in first week of Oct 2017 my next login to iZenBridge site was on 08 Dec 2017. Frankly speaking preparation was nil. So sensing the risk i had postponed my test date to 26 Dec 2017. This time i told to myself that no more date change. You are writing the test whether you pass or fail. I was confident that i will fail as my preparation was nearly nil.

I got some seriousness back this month (i.e. Dec) only.

Stage 4 : I started revising PMP book again. I could not do any end of unit 30 Q's mock test. But instead i revised all completed unit end 30 Q's and finally on 23 Dec 2017 i gave my first full 200 Q's mock test.

Result : In 4 Hours i was able to attempt 165 Q's only. But positive point was that i scored 115 of 165 attempted Q's. On the whole i was happy. When i revised the same paper in the evening i prepared my plan for final test on 26 Dec 2017.

1. All formulae based question to be answered last.
2. Mandatory to attend minimum 60 Q's per hour
3. No Break (it will not come to your mind)
4. If any Q's answer is in doubt, select the nearest answer and mark to be revised.
5. Write all the formulae on the provided rough paper by Prometric center

Test date was 26 Dec, it was good date considering that it was holiday from 22 Dec to 25 Dec 2017

My plan from 22 Dec to 26 Dec morning – Revise all units from PMP and do a 200 Q's mock test on 25 Dec.

What actually happened - I started my revision as planned but my revision ended 05:30 AM on 26 Dec 2017. 24 & 25 Dec i could not study much duo to guest at home.

On the whole I was still positive refer link video above. What if you Pass the PMP ?????

On the Final Day: 26 Dec 2017

I had to go to Railway station early morning at 03:00 AM to drop my brother who was traveling to Hyderabad. By 03:30 AM I started my final phase of revision. I had a habit to note all important point in "Evernote" application. My final revision completed by 06:00 AM as i had to catch a train at 7AM to travel to Prometric center at Trivandrum. I thought i will use "Evernote" notes during my journey for the final touch ups, frankly speaking i was feeling sleepy. On my side seat was Director/MD of group of companies Mr. KR Nair. A gentleman who headed the Bangalore Division of HMT (Watches and Machine Tools). He was wearing an 1971 HMT watch. I was happy having a great personality by my side to talk.

The unlucky 13 : People always say 13 is unlucky, but for me most of things happened good on 13. My train ticket number was 31. When i entered the train i read it right to left so it was "13" (31). i just checked my return ticket it was 39 so I linked it to "13" by dividing it by 3; what next my test date 26 Dec so dividing by 2 i get the "13" again.

Finally I reached test center and by 11:30 PM I entered Prometric center. It was a pleasant reception from them. Happy again

Initial checkups and finally on table for the final test. First you go through the test tour video and when you click end your test starts. You cannot use this time for updating the process and formulae on the rough paper provided by Prometric.

Final 4 Hours :
By 12:00 PM i started by test. First i wrote formulas for the problem sums. EAC, TCPI. For me this was enough.

Q 1 – I was lucky to get easy question.

By the end of 1 hour i was able to complete around 65 Q's, by end of 2nd hour i reached Q number 115. I decided that i need to speed up if i need to review. So by 3:30 PM i was able to run though 200 Q's. I had around 10 Q's which were not attempted. First i finished that. Then i moved to Q's marked as review (here it is Marked Red). I had around 20 Q's for review. Time was not enough i could not review all, so i had to go by and click END.

I started praying ........ Based on what i answered i was positive but since PMP Q's do not have definite answer our confidence is at Risk. I completed the center feedback and the the message appears :

"Congratulations ! You passed your exam and have successfully earned your PMI Certification"

What to say Happy Happy Happy........

If you run though the entire narration above you will find that i may have seriously spent 3 months in study. Rest was waste of time. My experience with my preparation to PMP Certification is that, once you plan for PMP

1. Join an institute for 35 PDU's. You can blindly go with iZenBridge
2. If you fill the PMI profile correctly you will receive the eligibility in maximum 2 weeks (Provided your application not selected for verification)
3. Once 35 PDU's certificate is received and eligibility is confirmed plan a exam date with Prometric.
Try to see that you keep to minimum as possible. Maximum 4 months. For any person who is really serious about getting PMP certification – 4 months is more than enough.
4. If you have selected iZenBridge then
4.1 Go through each unit Video.
4.2 Read PMP Book unit
4.3 Go for 30 Q's mock test.
4.4 Do the same for all the units of PMP
4.5 iZenBridge - Mock Test – My suggestion is do maximum mock test as possible. This will help you a lot for your final PMP exam.
4.6 To boost your morale read PMP book before the mock test. After the test, run through all the Q's to understand your mistakes.
5. One important thing : when you go to watch a movie, most of the times we start feeling the hero within us. When the ticket is confirmed we become hero and the same hero stays in us still we reach home. My point here is – Once you eligibility is confirmed get yourself into Project Manager role. So going further when ever you touch the PMP book or try any mock test assume that PM is handling the task.
6. Remember that the entire 200 Q's in PMP will be assuming that you are PM and what will you do in the given situation. This can only come when you start thinking yourself as a PM. When you start answering mock exam as a PM, your thinking changes, it makes you get close to correct answers. This is better way then reading multiple books and videos.

Any body reading this can confidently register with iZenBridge for the PMP Training.

In the end one simple formulae – Register with iZenBridge, think you are Project Manager, do all the mock test provided by iZenBridge, read PMP Book (Maximum possible). Register and Pass PMP.
Note: There is no fixed formulae for passing PMP exam but handling all the situation as a Project Manager can take you close to PMP Certification.

In Brief: I read PMP Book 7 times; SimpliLearn Video 1 time, iZenBridge video 1 time, iZenBridge mock exam multiple times, 200 Q's full mock 1 time (iZenBridge)

Remember – Not planning is planning for failure, So plan - it will be successful.

My Best wishes to all PMP aspirants

Please feel free to mail me at

Ramesh Kumar
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Re: Another PMP Success Story..... 26 Dec 2017

Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:19 am

Congrats Ramesh. I faced lot of obstacles during my pmp exam however in front of your story I now wish to believe that mine was a pretty simple ride :)

Glad that your hard work paid off. I think the key message which comes out is that one should commit a date and stick to it no matter what.
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Re: Another PMP Success Story..... 26 Dec 2017

Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:14 am

Rightly Said Kushal.....
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Re: Another PMP Success Story..... 26 Dec 2017

Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:51 am

success well deserved and thank you for choosing izenbridge
Manish P
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Re: Another PMP Success Story..... 26 Dec 2017

Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:09 pm

Thank you Manish

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