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Agile Project management questions

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Agile Project management questions

Sun Jul 04, 2021 10:58 am

Here are two questions that don't have multiple choice. What would be your approach as an agile project manager?

Q1. We have a project about leadership innovation and we have to deliver a brochure. You are the ‘Navigator’, who needs to keep everything moving to meet our deadlines. An external vendor (content creator) has been identified to create the learning content including this brochure. This vendor has just been onboarded and has been setup with access to required internal systems.
We are already 2 sprints behind our committed schedule as onboarding the vendor took a lot more time than expected.
It is Monday and we have committed to providing a brochure that can be shared at the leadership conference on Thursday. The ask is that we must deliver the brochure. Your calendar is full already, we have sprint planning, a demo session and a retrospective on Tuesday and Wednesday. As Navigator, which steps would you take to meet this meet the user needs in time for the conference on Thursday?

Q2. You have joined a new company as agile lead for Function A. The driver of function B is out sick and his customer has set up a meeting with you as urgent. They want 4 deliverables to be completed in a time span of 1 month whereas you think this is min 2 months of work. They want you to create a workplan in the next 1 week and a commitment that it will be delivered in 1 month. What steps will you take to manage this communication?
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Re: Agile Project management questions

Sun Jul 04, 2021 1:19 pm

What is the source of the question?

I recommend not to get confuse with open ended questions since a small question can not tell you what all is needed to give a solution or approach, there can be multiple ways of solving the problem, we need to see the options to find the best.

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