Oliver Lehmann - Question source

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Oliver Lehmann - Question source

Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:47 pm


I was attempting the Oliver Lehmann 75 Q practice test and found some unfamiliar terms. On checking the reference, the source is not PMBOK but other PMI books. Should I fear such terms or there is no chance the actual exam will refer to them.

[spoiler: there are answers included in the sheet]
Reference list : ... nswers.htm

Example question:
63. What is the meaning of a concept called the "Journey to Abilene"?
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Re: Oliver Lehmann - Question source

Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:59 am


I see some the meaning of it in wiki.

I think we should not much worry about these kind of questions. they are above and behind PMBOK, unless we have extra enough time. I may be wrong. let's wait for other comments.

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Re: Oliver Lehmann - Question source

Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:19 am

i agree with Narsi, and this is what has been observed by our members who have done the certification, its good to limit scope to PMBOK and Rita's book
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Re: Oliver Lehmann - Question source

Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:14 pm

I concur with Saket - only stick to PMBOK and Rita. Chances of such Qs are only 1-2 Qs in exam (outside of PMBOK-Rita)

Rita is necessary because there are few concepts which are quite openly/repeatedly asked during PMP exam but not covered in PMBOK (other than expect 1-2 Qs which maybe out outside of PMBOK-Rita and not worth spending extra-time/delaying certification).
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