CLOSE PROJECT OR PHASE - Customer feedback/satisfaction

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Viswanathan Raju
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CLOSE PROJECT OR PHASE - Customer feedback/satisfaction

Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:00 pm

The development work of your project is completed after four iterations of continuous delivery. You being the product owner want to take candid feedback from the client to gauge their level of satisfaction. Which of the following options would best help you accomplish the same?

Take the client out for the project completion celebration and also ask for their final feedback.

You would schedule a meeting with the client and ask for their satisfaction level.

The project is delivered in iterations and after every iteration you got feedback from him. So you might skip this step of project closure.

Conduct a survey from users to get their satisfaction level.

Answer Details:
The best way to collect client feedback would be to get together with the client and collect client’s feedback in a meeting. This is illustrated in option B. Therefore option B is the correct option.

My doubt: Why not this from users may including the project development team from client end.
Option D: “Conduct a survey from users to get their satisfaction level” The question is about getting feedback from the customer who was involved in the development of the project as well....

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