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Sat Nov 07, 2020 7:02 am

Nazrul Quader
6 minutes ago
Hello Saket! I am asking couple of questions listed as follows:

1. when you have two option one is in input and while other is in tool and technique what should PM use. Is it in order , I mean input then tool and technique.

2. Who writes Project Charter?

3. So Shorten Critical Path with CPI ≤ 1, Fast Tracking NOT Crashing!

Is it PM or Sponsor. PMBOK said either of them develop project charter with association of entity!

Basic Difference Between Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan

How is for communication, what /who is Stakeholder.

Free Float in zero method , Free Float = ES of successor activity - EF of Predecessor ( Activities are not in critical path)

Free Float in 1 Method, ES of successor activity- ES of Predecessor Activity- Project Duration ( Activities are not in Critical Path)

Thank You.



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