Another Question on configuration management

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Another Question on configuration management

Wed May 25, 2016 7:38 pm

You are taking over a project during project planning and discover that six individuals have signed
the project charter. Which of the following should MOST concern you?
A. Who will be a member of the change control board
B. Spending more time on configuration management
C. Getting a single project sponsor
D. Determining the reporting structure

Why B ? I understand that configuration management is all about identifying CI, version control, Configurable item audit but how these element fits in the answer. Can someone please explain the answer ?
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Re: Another Question on configuration management

Thu May 26, 2016 8:11 am

A. No. Reason = mostly signatories of project charter are member of CCB. So this should not be point of concern.
B. Yes, Reason = see below.
C. No. Reason = How does it matter to PM. shouldn't be point of concern.
D. No. Reason = this could be valid option but however its too early to think about escalation/communication model. rather PM should thinking about how can he achieve each stakeholders requirements. May be PM should thinking about configuration management tool.

Reason =
More signatories on project charter means more stakeholder to manage.
that means more number of communication channels.
that means more number of competing wishes. that means project manager will have challenging job to bring all stakeholder on one common consensus.
Situation will go worse if there will be change request[CR] that may come from one particular stakeholder.

lets see what is configuration management plan = its document that basically documents how configuration management will be performed.
this is one of the plan comes under project management plan.

now what is configuration management ?
Change which was requested by one stakeholder will be recorded into change management or configuration management system[CMS].

now project manager should take buyin from all 6 stakeholders to implement CR.
because charter has been signed by 6 stakeholders and they have common interest in this project.

configuration control is all about a mechanism that tracks deliverable and process related specifications.

change control is all about identifying, documenting, approving, rejecting the CR's.

In short, every time stakeholder wish to bring any change in project deliverable that means he is asking to change in the configuration of project deliverables and process which was already freezed by bringing all 6 stakeholders in consensus.

In order to make changes in configuration, project manager has to go thru change control process.

Refer PMBOK 5th edition - Page 96. second para onward till page 97 [first half]

Thanks n Regards,
Sanjay Singh Rawat
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Re: Another Question on configuration management

Thu May 26, 2016 11:00 am

this question has multiple view point.

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