Pmp-Bidder conference

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Pmp-Bidder conference

Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:39 pm

Bidder conference
Evaluating seller proposals

These 2 falls in which process group?
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Re: Pmp-Bidder conference

Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:05 pm

These two are two tools used in conduct procurement ( executing process group)

Bidder conference is for clarifying the questions related to Procurement SOW,. For example if your company wants to procure a service for running the cafeteria.
1) You put the advertisement saying we are looking for people to run our cafeteria with source selection criteria like :
1) years of experience 2) different type of cuisine you can make 3) any certification / rating 4) past experience etc.

Once the advertisement goes out all the prospective sellers start looking into your statement of work and will have questions like
1) do they want me to operate the cafeteria during public holidays?
2) do they have shift system
3) how many employees and how many servings are they looking for ( breakfast, lunch , dinner etc)

All these concerns raised by different prospective sellers will be answered in bidder conference so that the buyer act fairly to all.

Seller understood they will respond with their answers to all the questions ( questions can be categorized as source selection criteria).

Once proposals are in they using proposal evaluation ( weighting average system and try to grade each one). For example let us assume
There are two companies
A and B responded to buyers bid
A has 15 years of experience but they can only make Indian cusine
B has 9 years of experience but they can make international cusine

Weighting matrix ( which is internal to the buyer ) has some weight have my importance is not on experience but on international experience. Assume 60% on international exp and 40% on experience. Now you know who will be selected.

Long story short that is how bidder conference and proposal evaluation are used in conduct procurement ( an executing group).

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