iZenBridge Mock Question Clarification - Project Planning Framework Test

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iZenBridge Mock Question Clarification - Project Planning Framework Test

Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:23 pm

There was a question on the iZenBridge Planning Framework quiz that I am a little confused about. The question is:

You are the project manager of an inventory management project. Your project is in planning phase. You have completed with the complete activity list, created network diagrams, assigned resources to each activity, and estimated their duration. As the project manager, what is the next thing that you do?

a)Start planning for cost management
b)Start with creation of schedule
c)Consult the project scope statement and perform Sequence Activities
d)Start working on Budget

The answer as per the mock is 'b) Start with creation of schedule' with the following explanation - This is a Which-is-next question that describes a project that’s completed the Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, and Estimate Activity Durations processes. The next process in Planning Process Group - Plan Time Management is Develop Schedule, which means that the next thing you do is create the schedule.

To me this is confusing because I think the answer based on Rita's process chart should be a) Planning for cost management. I say that because as per the planning process flow, estimate costs needs to happen before creating schedule and if you are estimating costs then essentially, you are planning for cost management (because you are in that process). If this had not been an option then option b would be correct. I also understand that determining budget (which is part of cost management) happens after developing schedule so one can say that based on this b) is correct but the option a says 'start' planning NOT 'complete' planning so I am a little confused. Any thoughts on why my understanding is incorrect are welcome and appreciated.
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Re: iZenBridge Mock Question Clarification - Project Planning Framework Test

Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:11 pm

have answered this question in following post

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