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Project documents updates

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Project documents updates

Mon May 20, 2019 10:33 am

There are many places written project document update is the output of many processes. I am confused how many documents will be prepared by the project management? Which document will be update in which process and all document templates.
which document is the base document where all the relevant and interrelated documents to be integrated.
So that if the project manager refer this document he will able to find all the relevant documents. just like as reference or index or interrelated links between the excel sheets that we are doing in our daily.
It would be helpful if anyone share me the each document template and what are the components of the document.

There are some common documents which need to be update in many processes output.

I little bit understand what are the input document and tools and techniques and output document. But input document to a process is not required the whole content, it may require some component or content which will suffice for that process. In this case how a project manager will decide which content to be pickup from this input document and what component to be updated in output document.

In PMP there are defined processes and knowledge area, hope we have defined list of documents.

Need more clarification on these documents.

Please help.
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Re: Project documents updates

Tue May 21, 2019 6:23 am

Hi Pramod,

you have posted the question in wrong section.
Kindly use PMP exclusive section

Your question is very generic and not possible to explain it by writing in the thread

I suggest
1. Go through Sakets Videos and compliment it with PMBOK
2. Attend our next PMP clarification session and we can discuss.

Manish P
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