How to identify Sprint Length?

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How to identify Sprint Length?

Fri Aug 07, 2020 2:18 pm

I got the following questions -
Question - How you'll manage a 6-month piece of work in agile methodology as a scrum master? This is a 6-month release work. This includes how you'll decide the sprint size as well and manage every activity involved.

There is no single formula to come up with a Sprint Length. It all depends on many factors -

- What is the level of Agility? For example - a news channel cant even plan news for more than a day and sometimes news shows content gets changes even 10 mins before.

In many cases, you can follow plan for a month. Your level of agility depends on the level of uncertainty.

And in COVID time, I can see things are evolving frequently and business are taking decisions based on that evolved information. Earlier things were planned for months in some businesses but they were forced to respond to changes on daily basis.

Also, Scrum Master is not a manager, he is the team coach. I suggest to watch following video to understand what are roles and what are the responsibilities of each role in Scrum -

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