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Why to decompose user stories?

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Why to decompose user stories?

Thu Mar 03, 2022 7:40 am

Got following question -
Q3)At 17:00 Mins in User Stories videos mentions 4th story added that test taker default the no of question . No resume facility and No Save functionality
Yes, because if we take it all in one user story, it is epic. The idea is....we need to decompose big user stories into small ones because whatever work is picked up in the sprint, should be completed. Partial work does not become part of the increment.

So team analyzes if they need to split the user stories if they feel work once picked may not be completed within a sprint - they decompose it in smaller user stories.

The team split a big user story (epic) into multiple INVEST user stories. This video is only giving example, of how to split user stories? If the team feels that they can complete the No of questions selection, resume, and save the test result all three in one iteration, then there is no need to split. The idea of small or big depends on the team.

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