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Oliver 175 - 89th question

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Oliver 175 - 89th question

Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:31 pm

Hello everyone,

Does anyone understand why answer 3 is correct? I would have answered n°1...

89. Your project, run for a customer, is coming to an end. The customer has been
contractually granted a three years warranty period for the product of the
project. What should you do first?89

o Hand all relevant documentation over to the organizational unit responsible for
handling the warranty.
o There is no additional work to be done. The contract should describe all
processes in sufficient detail.
o Changes on the product can affect warranty clauses. Ensure that these clauses
are aligned with the final specifications.
o According to many legislations, you cannot formally close a project before the
end of the warranty period.

Thanks a lot for an explanation

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