My Journey towards PMI - PBA Success

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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My Journey towards PMI - PBA Success

Wed May 18, 2016 7:46 pm

Hi All,

I would like to add few lessons learned from my PMI - PBA prep which might be helpful for candidates who are preparing now!

Total Time taken : 4 Weeks.
Materials referred:
Izenbridge video's and Practice Questions, Guide to Business Analysis, IZenbridge Quampus forum, Webinars, Water Mar Learning study material (I had quick glance for few relevant chapters from PMBOK.

Preparation method:
Week 1: Started going through all the video classes given in Izenbridge to get overview of concepts

Week 2: Gone through Business Analysis Guide all chapters to get a clear idea

Week 3: Revised Video's from Izenbridge (took running notes) to gain in depth knowledge, after each chapter video, revised study material and practiced chapter end practice questions.

Week4: Practiced Exam simulators from both Izenbridge and Watermark learning.
Rather checking why a particular question is wrong I have given more focus to understand why the other options are incorrect. This analysis helped me to gain strong knowledge in concepts.
- Saket Bansal's lessons are very helpful. He is simply a " Knowledge Bank".
- Seema Sonkiya PMI-PBA, PMP,CSM & ITIL V3 was very helpful through out my project to clarify questions if any.Her PMI -PBA practice sessions are helpful.
- Explanations to each question in Izenbridge practice tests are very detailed. This gave me an option to get understanding about each definition.
-I felt Watermark questions simulator and answer explanation is very simple. It would have been great if there is detailed explanation. (That will be helpful for those candidate who are not having core BA experience).
- I tried to reach 80% of score . But I rarely got it!! So my point is : if you don't get 80% in these simulators it doesn't mean we can not clear exam. The key point is to understand the concepts. This is the big learning!
- I tired to spare 8 hours of time per day. It's nice to do late night studies! No disturbance :)
Good Luck !
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Re: My Journey towards PMI - PBA Success

Thu May 19, 2016 1:25 am

Thank you for posting it here .
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Re: My Journey towards PMI - PBA Success

Thu May 19, 2016 5:00 am

Congratulations Radha and thanks for sharing your lesson learned here.

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