cleared PMP exam in first attempt on 28th Apr

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cleared PMP exam in first attempt on 28th Apr

Mon May 01, 2017 2:59 pm

Dear All,
I have completed my PMP exam successfully on 28th Apr.

It was nice experience & journey of this PMP exam preparation and actual exam , Its one of the great movements that you come across once you see the message as CONGRATULATIONS on the screen upon you submit the exam. That feeling means a lot and we feel a great relief. Spend months together and put lot of hard work and that everything will be paid-off with successful completion.

I stared my preparation in Dec 2016 , but it was bit passive study initially , however from Jan 2017 I become serious about it and subscribed for iZenbridge online course ,from there things moved in right direction. in between my application was audited and its delayed my planed date for 10 days.

Thanks for iZenbridge team , specially to saketh for explanation on the concepts very clearly.

My study material as follows,
Rita book (my First & favorite book )
PMBOK (Of course its must for us to go for exam)
-these 2 books i have gone through 2 times completely and referred whenever required later on.

iZenbridge videos ( Very helpful to understand the concept visually ) - 2 times

mock tests
Apart from iZenbridge questions paid mock tests - taken 7 tests ( got 85% and above in all my test)
Oliver 75 and 175 questions - got 74% in both (bit difficult among all the other tests)
headfirst -85%

In the exam mostly scenario basis questions , got only few CPM , and EVM questions ( exam will not test your maths) .
Advise to all ,be clear yourself difference between communication management plan and stakeholder management plan , will really test you like anything.

Key things to note

1. Mock tests will help you to understand on your exam readiness. But the key thing for clearing the exam is understanding the concept and application of the knowledge in the exam.
2. One need to be relaxed on the exam day , and previous day of the exam , don't try to study much on the previous day , keep your self calm ( Nothing will go away from your mind if you don't study in the previous day :) )
3. Time may not be the issue as long as you read the questions carefully and avoid reading multiple times ,at least for simple questions . ( anyway we need to ready some question 2 times even 3 times for few)
4. Exam will really test your patience , dont get carried away if you come across few questions which you can't answer , just remain calm ,be optimistic all the time.

Finally if you prepared well then be yourself confident , your confidence and belief will help you on the exam day, YOU CAN DO IT....
All the best everyone ,

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Re: cleared PMP exam in first attempt on 28th Apr

Mon May 01, 2017 3:23 pm

this is good news.
congratulations on your success and wish you all the very best

thanks for choosing izenbridge and sharing your journey and experience.
Manish P
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Re: cleared PMP exam in first attempt on 28th Apr

Mon May 01, 2017 4:32 pm

Congratulations for Clearing PMP exam, and we are happy to know that you found our program useful.
Explore our online PMP Program , it makes PMP Easy :-)

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