PMP micro learning videos Series - PMP Free Question 25: Approval of Scope

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PMP micro learning videos Series - PMP Free Question 25: Approval of Scope

Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:03 pm

The video starts with the question:

You have recently started planning of the project and got a call from the sponsor to include one of the stakeholders as approving authority of scope, what would you do next?

A. Meet the stakeholder and discuss scope baseline
B. Meet the stakeholder to understand needs and expectations
C. Update the Scope Management Plan
D. Update the stakeholder register

Which Project Management Process would you work on after getting the call from the sponsor?

Some of the possible options may come in your mind
• Identify Stakeholders
• Plan Stakeholder Engagement
• Plan Scope Management
• Define Scope

Let us look at the definition of each of these processes.

Identify Stakeholders—The process of identifying project stakeholders regularly and analyzing and documenting relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, interdependencies, influence, and potential impact on project success.

Plan Stakeholder Engagement: The process of developing approaches to involve project stakeholders based on their needs, expectation, interests, and potential impact on the project.

Plan Scope Management: The process of creating a scope management plan that documents, how the project and product scope will be defined, validated, and controlled.
Define Scope: The process of developing a detailed description of the project and product.

You need to understand the stakeholder needs again; since there is a change in his engagement level. Only after understanding the need you can update the stakeholder register.
Watch this video for the correct answer.

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