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Closing Project

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Closing Project

Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:57 am

I need clarification on different steps to be taken in sequential manner to close project:-
Step 1:- Confirm work is done to requirements.
2. Obtain formal confirmation that contracts are completed.
3. Gain final acceptance of product.
4. Complete financial closure.
5. Hand off completed product.
6. Solicit customer feedback.
7. Complete final performance reporting.
8. Index and archive records.
9. Gather final lessor learned and update knowledge base.
10. Release resources.

Is the sequencing mentioned about correct or we can work in some other sequence for ex:- can we gather lesson learned before "Hand off completed product"
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Re: Closing Project

Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:50 pm

We discussed in the clarification session, there is no predefined sequence, however the sequence has to be logical, as there are dependencies on resources, End user approvers, Legal , vendors etc etc.
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