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Knowing Disciplined Agile (DA): iZenBridge

Tue Jul 21, 2020 5:37 am

Disciplined Agile Delivery is the pragmatic approach to achieve Agility.

This framework offers a collection of ideas that empower an organization to function with agility. These ideas can be selected and used in conjunction with the existing knowledge base to adopt agility.

In this video Agile Trainer, Saket Bansal is discussing various perspectives of Disciplined Agile.

Key Highlights of the discussion to explore...

0:29: What is the concept of Disciplined agile?
1:51: What is Saket Association with Disciplined Agile?
3:11: What is Unique about Disciplined Agile?
6:32: Is Disciplined Agile is a Scaling Framework?
10:55: Who should do Disciplined Agile?
13:16: How can you select the right Certification being a Professional?

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