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ACP Experience

Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:58 am

Hi All ACP enthusiasts,

I cleared ACP on 12 Jul 2015.

I would firstly like to express my heartfelt BIG 'Thank You' to Saket for the online ACP program and all the guidance that he gave me while I was gearing up for the certification.

It took me approx 4 months preparing for this. Time per say should not be a factor for consideration, it is your readiness and confidence level that matters.

ACP material from Saket's course.
PMI-ACP Exam Prep, Premier Edition
Agile Estimating and Planning
Agile PM: Creating Innovative Products
Agile Retrospectives: Making good teams great
User Stories Applied
Succeeding with Agile

Sakets simulations. These were very good. Scored ~88% on these
PMI-ACP Exam Prep, Premier Edition. These were very good. Scored ~ 92% on these
Sample questions mentioned on this link ... questions/

The Exam

60% SCRUM (Roles, Artifacts, Ceremonies, There were multiple question testing Retrospectives concepts, not aligned to specific activities. Agile Principles and Values tried via 4-5 questions looking for the BEST thing to do, 1-2 communication, 2-3 on EVM, 1 on Kaizen, there were few questions where a 'NEW AGILE' team was cleverly placed in the question and your answer changed cause of that, Calculate number of interaction and story points for a sprint)

30% XP (Role, few on continuous integration and other XP primary practices)

10% LEAN + Kanban (Lean-Agile Management approach, advantages)

You need to be careful for many questions ensuring whether they apply specifically to SCRUM/XP/LEAN or generic AGILE in many questions.

There were approx 15 questions which were quite tough, convoluted language, the BEST answer was not apparent.

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Re: ACP Experience

Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:30 am

Congratulations !!! and thanks for sharing your exam related experience.
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Re: ACP Experience

Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:43 am

Congratulations!! Rahul and stay connected via this forum :)
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