Earned my PMI PBA Certification .. Today..June 2018

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Earned my PMI PBA Certification .. Today..June 2018

Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:14 pm

Hi All,

I earned my PBA certificate today with "Target" appraisal :D ....!!! Thanks to Izenbridge Team
Earned Above target in 2 Sections and Target in 2 Sections....The :evil: was Traceability section where i scored below target.

This would be my assessment of PBA Exam :D
1. The exam was focused only on PMI PBA Guide book concepts.
2. The Questions size was around 2-3 Lines at the max...but really tests you with application of PMI PBA Guide book concepts. No questions from PMBOK.
3. Out of 200: 50 odd questions were cakewalk, 50 Questions can be answered with basic understanding of concepts, 50 were introspective (You can use Option elimination) , 50 were tough (You need some really good hold of concepts).
4. I took the morning 8.30 am slot.
5. I guess Moscow and Weight ranking matrix, req. traceability matrix is PMI favourite :lol: Two question asked me to calculate Weighted Rank of Options.

Topic Assessment
1. Need Assessment & Requirement Analysis : Straightforward + Introspective Qs
2. Business Analysis Planning ; Introspective Qs
3. Traceability & Solution Evaluation : Questions were in range of tough and introspective. Please prepare well for application.
4. Please spend enough time of Requirement Management Plan and Tool. Lot of Questions on these two topics atleast 10 odd. It dragged down my score , I am sure.

Hope this helps next PBA Test takers...!!!

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Re: Earned my PMI PBA Certification .. Today..June 2018

Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:02 am

Congratulations Chandramouli !!Thanks for sharing your insightful lesson learned.

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